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More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth. This abstract art is an attempt to bring out the fire in you. The Gold Rush SuperSlim Wallet is perfect for all occasions and attires.

The Super-Slim Wallet is made from Tyvek® which contains millions of non-woven synthetic fibers making it incredibly strong and durable. The super thin, compact design is made to hold your daily essentials conveniently.

Fits all Currencies
– 4 Slots that can hold up 8 Standard Cards.
– 2 Pockets to hold Cash, ID and Business Cards.
– Folded Dimensions (cm): 8 x 10.7 x 0.3
– Weight: 5 Grams


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3 reviews for Gold Rush

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pranay Bhagat

    i love the fact that its this slim, yet, managed to replace my daily wallet..
    feels as if its going to last..
    cheers to the team, a job well done..
    similar products are there in the US..
    couldn’t be happier to support an Indian project..

    quality is as advertised..

    zero complaints.. and this is coming from a guy who gets pissed when a tiny detail goes wrong..

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kapil Tulsan

    Time Taken to deliver :- 5 DAYS (Cyd-Mum) so I rate it as 3/5

    Packaging of product :- Good 5/5

    Product :-
    When I and my kids saw it we were amazed on how thin it was, and my son told me “seeing contents of your old wallet this paper wallet will surely not take it (“Mar Jayega Bechara”).

    Parcel had few sample of material that they are using to make wallet and a Key chain (was of, would have loved to if I would have got a one), I and my son tried pulling the material to tear it, but nothing happened, soaked it in water but still was good, didn’t try a scissors on it.

    Then we started cleaning my old wallet we cleared approximately 25% of my old wallet’s content, size approx. was near 2 Inch (after cleaning), then I started moving things from old wallet to the new one. One by one it started occupying all (7 Bank Card, 1 Office ID which is thicker then Bank Cards, PAN Card, Driving License, Currency notes 15 of varied denomination). To my surprise all fitted well and still had/has space for few more, and size was approx 1.75 to 2 Cms. This made me Very Happy 🙂

    Usage :- Putting card in and out is easy, I am using pockets at the end for money, in and out of the same is also not a problem.

    It has been 1 week now no problem till now, GREAT PRODUCT that too MADE IN INDIA.

    Only issue is this is no pocket to hold some coins (just few), I think the this would be due to material they are using, but not sure.

    More over it cost is as low as any roadside wallet, that is a biggest plus.

    Just hoping for it to last atleast a Year with the same feel as it has now.

    Thanks team for making such a great product, all the best for future ventures.

    Next thing is recommending it to everyone.

  3. Rated 3 out of 5

    Siddhant Shah

    I love the product but my family hates the colour. But still the product is very slim and its like your not even carrying a wallet. And I give a big Thumbs up for that.

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