Superior to Leather in every way.

The SuperWallet was designed especially for today’s informedand conscious buyer, made to be the ideal replacement for age old leathers. They aremade from Tyvek, which is incrediblythin, superstrong, waterproof and 100% recyclable. Itmay look and feel like paper, but its also insanely strong.

2 Credit card slots

Slots expand to hold up to 12 cards

2 Easy access business card slots

You will never have to open your wallet to share a business card

2 Large Pockets for cash and challans

Fits all currencies

Made to hold a lot

The super thin design is stitch free, flexible and it’s pockets adjust to hold a lot. The SuperWallet can hold up to 6 cards in each credit card slot, up to 10 business cards in each outside slot, and will comfortably hold your cash and challans in the two large pockets.

Dimensions: 8 x 3.25 x .125 Weight: 30 Grams Fits all Currencies


The stitch free design of the SuperWallet makes it flexible and it expands with use to fit all your cash, cards and souvenirs. The SuperWallet attains a custom size that is perfect for your needs.

TYVEK will wrinkle with wearand attain a uniqueappearance that still retains the strength along with its breathableand waterproof properties.

SuperWallets have been tested, used and abused to ensure that you get wallets that last years. The tear-resistant material ensures that you can confidently put the super wallets to the test.


Tyvek is designed to be 100% Water proof. Itsfibers are not paper but flash-spun synthetic so they retain their strength in wet conditions too.


The Original non-woven technology




Tear Resistant


Water proof



The Super-wallet is made from Tyvek, which is paper-thin and contains millions of synthetic fibers making it incredibly strong and lightweight yet durable not to mention recyclable and reusable, resistant to corrosion, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, washable, and water-repellent.

BG – Tyvek structure under a microscope
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