Supervek Merchandize is Made using Tyvek®, which is a highly recyclable material. We encourage our users to recycle their Supervek Gear either by sending it to a recycling unit themselves, or shipping it to us at the following address:

Supervek International
Attn: Recycling
154 E Hamlin Street, #2
West Salem - 54669,

Please note that not all recycling units can recycle Tyvek® - if you are unable to locate a unit that can, please send your Supervek Merchandise to us and we will do it for you.

Tyvek® is made from 100% HDPE and can be mechanically recycled into products such as underground cable protection piping, automotive parts, blown film, packaging cores and trays. Polyethylene can normally be recycled 4 to 5 times before physical properties are substantially affected. 

Did you know? Tyvek® is manufactured with 25% post-consumer recycled content, which has kept more than 460 million milk and water jugs out of landfills till date and counting. 

Supervek Recycle Rewards Program:

We are glad you chose to recycle your Supervek Gear! To be a part of this program and to avail the 25% discount on your next purchase, we request you to fill the following form and we will reach out to you with your code.





Still Have Questions? Please write to us at and we will  be happy to help you.