Sourajit Das


They really have made a perfect wallet. I have been using for few months now and it's amazing. It has all that you need in a wallet. I'm not easily impressed. But you guys did a very good job @supervek

Pranati Rai Prakash


Thank You @supervek.I got this Superfun Wallet - It is Recyclable and Waterproof - Perfect for Monsoons, and it doesn't Tear no matter how hard I try. That's the Wallet I'm gonna Use now!



That's a lot of 'super' in just a single wallet. I've always hated those bulky wallets in the pocket until I received this superwallet from @supervek. I am in love with this wallet already for it's super ease to carry. Thank you.

Jagadeesh Khanna

To: Supervek

Quality of the product is A-grade recommended to all.Excellent Wallet Finish, Love the Supervek Logo and it has very comfortable space for bigger notes as well.

Abhas Rawat


@supervek diving deep into the river.
PS - Completely water resistant

Sanjay Gupta

To: Supervek

I am never going back to a regular leather wallet!The Superwallet is great. It takes up less space than my leather wallet. It holds plenty of cards and cash.

Nupur Singh


Look what came in the mail today! This uber-cool paper wallet by @supervek 🙌 not only are their wallets eco-friendly, but also tear resistant, waterproof and durable.


To: Supervek

My rating would definitely be 5 out of 5.The wallet looks exactly as displayed on Supervek site.

Sudarshan Bhandarkar

To: Supervek

Really really good product! Quality is fabulous, feels superb in handling and sturdiness of the Superwallet. Worth the money. Some of my friends even enquired about the product.

Lokesh Kumar

To: Supervek

Royal Trip wallet is the best!!! This designer wallet is very well made and the price is extremely reasonable. All of the Royal Enfield riders need to get this wallet. :)


To: Supervek

In the first two months of usage, I can honestly say this wallet is a lot more durable than other wallets.

Srishtea Madaan


gave some watercolor texture on the lovely DIY wallet sent by @supervek head over to their page and get ready to drool over some really cool stuff. Thanks a lot, @supervek 🙋✨

Vikram Nirwan

To: Supervek-Product

Very Durable and Sturdy!The wallet got crushed under my bike against the tarmac. Wiped off the dust it was as good as always with no tears or scuffs.

Anish Gaonkar

To: Supervek

What they describe is what we get. Awesome wallet, really great material, very light weight. Holds the cash and cards with ease, even coins are not a problem. Absolutely satisfied with the wallet 100%.



This is one the strongest paper wallet you'll find it's made out of Tyvek®. They have a diverse range of designs. IT'S ECO FRIENDLY TOO. Better than the leather wallets and definitely a conversation starter.

Roger Davis

To: Supervek

Been a biker all my life and this super slim wallet just replaced my old rugged and wornoout leather wallet. 5 stars and highly recommend this product.

Geetha Srimathi

To: Supervek

Supervek is the real deal. It's such a clever replacement to leather. I was a little skeptic about the material while buying, but now I know I'm wrong. Fits cash and cards perfectly. Lightweight and super-thin as promised. All in all, super happy with the product.


To: Supervek

The print looks great, and gets even better as you wear it out. The wallet is extremely thin and practical.

M.sesha srinivas

To: Supervek

Good value for what you pay. Wallets last for very long time, I like them because they have interesting patterns and are non-leather. Good alternative to expensive leather wallets.



@wrangler X @supervek #SuperWallet by #supervek just love this 😍🤩😎

Simran Kulkarni


Girls break the stereotypes and own a biker wallet , because why not? They have so many designs for all genres out there. They are also Waterproof and Tear resistant ❤.. #supervek.


To: Supervek

Very good product. I had ordered the Rupee stash wallet. Intriguing design, fun to fool people with the design as well. Satisfied with the versatality of it. Thanks people.

Anurag Sharma


Awesome lill' thang..😂😍❤️ Thanks #supervek

Zafal Ali khan


Capture it at it’s best.



How cool these things are 😍 Plus they are Vegan! They actually are a awesome gift idea!! Check out @supervek Definitely do try them out.

Lavina Tandon


#LetsShoot📸 #ThanksForThisAwesomeWallet @supervek

Sunil Thomas

To: Supervek

Great quality wallet. I had this wallet for about two months now and I am in love with it. Not too big, not too small, and fits all my cards, I recommend this product.

Samyak Jain


Thanks to @supervek for this cool wallet...Every music lover needs to have this in thier pocket ♥️🎵 THE BEST THING :- ITS NOT LEATHER

yashi garg

To: Supervek

Hello supervek, I'm emailing this to compliment you for your really good service!:) Thank you so much for the wallet I loved it, for delivering it on time and oh the packaging is definitely a feel-good-factor! All the best I hope you succeed big time!:D

Brendon Fernandes

To: Supervek

I used the wallet for three years and it never failed to amuse me. Having such a product for three years is incredible. Thank you, Supervek

Arshil Agarwal

To: Supervek

Amazing product with even better customer support. Had an issue with my first order and they were kind enough to send me a replacement. The wallet is indeed sleek and the print makes it stand apart.

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