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Supervek Tyvek Paper Wallets

Supervek Paper Wallets

Supervek Paper Wallets are made from extremely durable Tyvek® paper. Tyvek® is paper-thin and all Supervek Paper Wallets are carefully designed and folded to create fully functional modern eco-friendly Wallet.

Tyvek® is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting, and is built to keep up with your busy life. With the planet in mind, Tyvek® paper is an eco-friendly material that is being incorporated into fashion design in all categories.The Tyvek® itself is made in part from post consumer recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable!

As an elastic material, the Tyvek® will expand with use. It takes the shape of whatever you put inside including up to 6 cards in each credit card slot! Slim your wallet, and cut out the bulkiness of a leather or canvas wallet without sacrificing the things you need. Each one of the Supervek Paper Wallet employs an intelligent origami design gives you credit-card slots, business card flaps, cash compartment and more. Slim down your accessories with Tyvek® and one of our Supervek Paper Wallet design.

Why Supervek Paper Wallets?

Supervek Paper Wallets is a light and thin alternative to bulky and boring leather wallets, these super-strength wallets are printed on a tear-resistant and water-resistant synthetic paper that is actually made up of thousands of interlocking fibres that give it a paper like appearance.The wallets will expand automatically as you fill them with cash and cards, they age gracefully and can last many years of regular use.

They are hand-folded and they are built to last.

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$4 Second
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