Mor Pride Travel Wallet


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  • 2 credit card pockets
  • 2 slots for Passports and other documents
  • 2 slots for Boarding pass, money and other docs
  • Complimentary Field Notebook

Inspired by the beauty of the Peacock, the Mor Pride travel wallet design and passport holder is a beautiful print based on the elegance of the peacock.


Now keep your documents safe and dry with the stylish Supervek Travel Wallet. The thin, light and water-resistant material (Tyvek®) protects your documents as you travel the world. There is ample space for your passport, boarding pass, tickets, credit cards, money and other travel documents.


Tyvek® is designed to be 100% Water resistant. Its fibers are not paper but flash-spun synthetic so they retain their strength in wet conditions too.


Superveks are Vegan, Super Eco-friendly and
100% Recyclable.


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